Christina Weyl

Networks of Abstraction: Postwar Printmaking and Women Artists of Atelier 17

  • Sep 01, 2014

Online publication:

2014 winner, Dedalus Foundation Graduate Research Essay Prize at the Archives of American Art.

Engaging with recent interest in how American art traveled internationally, this essay considers the movement of women’s Atelier 17 prints and the positive impact of these exhibitions on women’s career success. Drawing on analysis of primary material visualized in charts and on interactive maps produced with Viewshare, an online platform developed by the Library of Congress, this article establishes who and where the major hubs of activity were within this network and what facilitated connections among these nodes.7 Following the travels of six artists—Minna Citron (1896–1991), Worden Day (1912–1986), Sue Fuller (1914–2006), Jan Gelb (1906–1978), Alice Trumbull Mason, and Anne Ryan (1889–1954)—the discussion will center on several aspects of prints’ circulation: peer-to-peer relationships, printmaking annuals, traveling exhibitions, museum collecting, and artists’ groups that supported avant-garde printmaking.

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